Introducing WINGS Outdoors!


One of our favorite events and most successful business enterprises is the WINGS’ annual pumpkin patch hosted on our beautiful nine acre grounds. This activity helps provide pre-vocational opportunities for WINGS members and help sustain its operations through the sale of fall plants and a huge variety of pumpkins.

WINGS has the desire to expand this enterprise to a year round opportunity by building “WINGS Outdoors.” This feature would expand the pre-vocational opportunities for our members and further WINGS’ “community within community” approach by providing year round selections of seasonal outdoor items to the public such as spring plants, fall pumpkins, Christmas trees, and typical outdoor nursery items.

Please help us make a difference in the lives of special needs adults and give them the opportunity to be independent and successful community members!

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Donations to WINGS are 100% tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Our IRS issued EIN# is 20-1141382



  1. We have an autistic son who will be graduating from high school next year and we have been looking at building an autistic community. We live in stillwater and have been thinking of doing it here because we have the opportunity to pair up with different volunteer programs here at OSU and we are an equal distance from Tulsa and OKC. We have visited your facility and know that you have based your program on the Brookshire one which we are also looking at doing. I am wondering if you have acquired land yet to build your “Brookshire” type community and what your schedule looks like for further expansion. In addition to possible volunteers through OSU, one of the business we own is a construction company so we can build a community more economically. I think that we might benefit by communicating with one another on our projects.

    • Hi Paula!

      Thanks so much for your interest in our program! We’re excited to connect with others who share our dream to create a better world for individuals with special needs. If you would, please contact our Program Director Marshall Ottinger by emailing

      We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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