|| Matching Gift Campaign ||

We are excited to announce a passionate friend of Wings has made the generous decision to donate a gift in the amount of $35,000 to us and asked that we match these funds. Every dollar given will be matched up to $35,000 and we are incredibly grateful! This gift enables us to launch a new program growing our WINGS membership by 20% significantly increasing our impact to the community.

Please join us as we launch our Equip, Grow and Serve Campaign. We need your help to raise $35,000 in a short amount of time to match this beneficent donation and grow our Wings outreach. Through this new program, we will be partnering with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, who will be donating non-perishable products they are unable to distribute. Our partnership with them offers a solution to distribute these non-perishable items by assembling much needed household and toiletry products for underserved families in our community. Your dollars will enable us to purchase the items that are needed in order to make these kits complete.

This opportunity allows our members to assist in donating family kits for 110,000 individuals in our community by placing household supplies and toiletries in their hands to last for a month. We need your commitment today to realize this goal and make this a reality for our members and our greater community. Thank you for your partnership in this exciting endeavor.

To make a donation towards our WINGS Serves Oklahoma Families Matching Gift Campaign, click the Matching Gift Donation button.