HEarts dance groups visits the Wings Day Program

At Wings, we believe in building a thriving community for our members. A vital way this happens is involving the public in the daily activities at Wings through a variety of volunteer opportunities.

Day Program Volunteers

Day Program VolunteersAnthonyKimEdit
Volunteers are key to the day to day operations of the Wings Day Program. Volunteers serving in this role can expect to:

• Assist the Program Staff
• Build relationships with Wings Members
• Be a role model to Wings Members
• Aid Wings Members in the performance of daily tasks

Chapel SpeakersLoagnPrestonDrHairstom
Part of the weekly Day Program schedule includes a 40 minute chapel service. We invite members of the community to join us as a guest chapel speaker and share a 30 minute bible lesson with our members. In addition to our guest speakers, we also invite local musicians who wish to lead a short time of worship to join us as well.


Other Volunteer Opportunities

Service Projects
Volunteers who contribute to Wings through service projects help us keep our property and facilities in prime condition. This is an excellent way to both support Wings and connect with our community. We welcome church groups, school groups, corporate groups, clubs, as well as individual volunteers.

Ministry and Outreach Projects
At Wings, we seek to connect the Wings community with the community around us. We welcome drama clubs, dance groups, choirs and singing groups, as well as other groups to visit and share with us. This is an important part of building our community, as well as a way to provide our members with access to the arts and entertainment.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, please click on the Volunteer Button above or call 405.242.4646.