Wings Champions – Zonly Looman

A graduate of Deer Creek High School, Zonly went on to attend Southwestern Christian University where he played Collegiate Baseball. He would soon leave school to focus on his Art career. As a student, entrepreneur, and athlete, Zonly Looman knows the concept of working hard and is obsessed with perfection.

Zonly has been creating unique artwork his entire life. Primarily a self-taught artist, he would paint as a child by watching artists teach their methods on PBS. From an early age, both of Zonly’s grandmothers had an artistic impact on him by being among the first to introduce Zonly to the other, artsier side of the world. Zonly has strong influences from his Kumeyaay and Chumash Indigenous People heritage which inspired him to create multiple Native American collections. This drive within Zonly has led him to drawing and sketching in his free time to develop his own style as a self-proclaimed ABSTRACT POP ARTIST within the scope of an American Expressionist Acrylic/Canvas/Watercolor.

Over the years Zonly has spent hundreds of hours learning and perfecting various styles and techniques. This incredible commitment has shaped Zonly into the artist and designer that he is today. It has allowed Zonly to open his own Art Gallery, Studio Z, in Downtown Edmond. Operating out of Studio Z, Zonly specializes in custom artwork, murals, shoes, and performance artist painting. He has donated his time, talents, and paintings to multiple local charities such as WINGS, The Anna’s House Foundation, and the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic.